About Us

Our Mission

We have hunted for years. We have gathered for years. We've stocked for years. Why? To bring you the best in the world.

Our mission is simple: Bring you, the valued customer, the finest in oriental rugs, Persian Carpet, and services for anything you acquire through us or competitors.

Stop in at one of our many locations, or simply give us a shout through our contact form.

We offer rug repair services, in case you didn't know! We have a few new pieces that are handmade in our own facilities following the standards set in place centuries ago. You can even request to have your own design hand-weaved, and can observe much of the process, starting with the

What Else Can We Do For You?

We'll help you keep your purchases (or even your items you had before meeting us) in beautiful condition. Need carpet restored? Expecting higher traffic that normal? We're constantly seeking out new partners and can recommend to you any service company you might need.

Looking to sell a piece? Invite us over to take a look at it, or bring it in and display it proudly among many other oriental rugs.

Feel Free to Contact Us

It's hard to find a legitimate dealer in Persian Rugs of this scale, so we understand your desire to view our content online; however we deal with such a high and quickly moving volume that we simply can't keep the inventory online updated. Please use the contact form on the page linked below to see what we have in stock. If you have a specific request we can track down whatever piece you desire. Perhaps you have an odd size requirement, or simply saw a piece a long time ago and you want to see if that one is available somewhere. We have contacts all over that can assist you in any endeavor.